Multi-Organ Donor Procurement Surgery – DBD

This e-learning focuses on the abdominal organ procurement of the DBD donor.

Target Groups

The e-learning Multi-Organ Donor Procurement surgery - DBD is developed for surgeons who are interested in abdominal organ procurement and transplantation surgery.


Upon completion of the e-learning, the surgeon:

  • will have a complete understanding of the preparation, procurement and aftercare phase of abdominal multi-organ donor procurement surgery (DBD)
  • knows the correct steps for retrieval of the kidney, liver and pancreas considering several anatomical variations
  • knows how to cooperate with the team with the appropriate attitude and behavioral skills


The e-learning comprises eleven chapters. Each chapter:

  • discusses a main aspect or part of the procedure.
  • is divided into several sections, each dealing with a specific sub-topic. These sections may be subdivided into several steps or screens, depending on the extent of the topic.
  • can be studied separately and at different time points. The program ‘naturally’ follows a sequential routing according to the sequence of the procedure and favors completion of all steps and interactive exercises to allow continuation, but free navigation is possible too.
  • includes interactive exercises with relevant questions that have to be answered to allow continuation (unless deliberate navigation to other steps) and completion.
  • is supported by visualization of the surgery using drawings, photographs and video-clips with voice-over (English).
  • provides extensive feedback to the trainee.


Within the Netherlands this e-learning is part of mandatory training trajectory to qualify as an explant surgeon. The entire training trajectory is awarded  with 24 credits by the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Heelkunde. 

You will receive a certificate after completing the e-learning module 

Time investment 

It will take approximately 4 hours to successfully complete the e-learning.  


The e-learning is free of charge, but only available for surgeons involved in donor surgery. In order to gain access to this course your order needs to be approved.

Please follow the steps to register for the e-learning: 

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  • Select [Vraag toegang tot cursus aan] (request access to course)
  • Register for an account, fill in the following: Voornaam (first name), Achternaam (last name), Emailadres (emailadress) and Wachtwoord (password)
  • Select [Toegang aanvragen] (request access)
  • Please provide us with your LinkedIn-account or any other information so we can check that you are a surgeon involved in donor surgery


This e-learning is developed with the help of: A.G. Baranski (LUMC), H.S. Hofker (UMCG), J. Hunter (Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences) and C.H. Wilson (van The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals).


Please contact for more information 

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